Overall Profile

Beijing Lize Financial Business District belongs to the Fengtai District in the central area of Beijing. It is also the last large-scale centralized construction area adjacent to the West Second Ring Road in Beijing and a new landmark for the development in the southwest of the capital. The business district is scheduled to cover a total land area of 8.09 square kilometers, and a total land area of 2.81 square kilometers in the core area. The purposes of land utilization include business office, multi-functional complex and residential areas. The above-ground buildings in the core area cover a total area of 6.5 million square meters.

Historical Origins

In 1153, Wanyan Liang, King Hailing of the Jin Dynasty, moved to Yanjing and renamed it Zhongdu of the Jin Dynasty. From then on, Beijing began to function as the capital of a dynasty. 13 gates were built in Zhongdu. Among those gates, the “Lize Gate” and the “Duanli Gate” are both located within the Lize Financial Business District. The name of “Lize” is derived from the history.

The word Lize” means two waters intersecting and thriving on each other, and embodies the meaning of joy. In the history of Lize, there are many lakes and abundant water resources. Many villages such as “Shuitouzhuang”, “Wanquansi”, “Qianniwa”, and “Houniwa” are scattered in the area, which once witnessed the environmental record of abundant water. According to the traditional Chinese philosophy, water implies money. The abundant water resources of Lize nourish the development of the financial industry.

Cultural Heritage

Opera is a treasure of Chinese culture. Located in the southern side of the Lize Financial Business District, the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts is well known as the top institution of Chinese opera education. Founded in 1950, the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts has cultivated more than 10,000 talents in opera for more than 60 years. It has undertaken the remarkable mission of spreading Chinese opera culture overseas, and has established positive partnership with many universities around the world. In November 2009, the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and the Binghamton University jointly established the world’s first Confucius Institute devoted to Chinese Opera.

The remains of the city walls in Zhongdu of the Jin Dynasty are well preserved within the Lize Financial Business District. The outer city wall system, including moat, wall and defensive pier, was first discovered in the archaeological site of Zhongdu, providing important archaeological data for the restoration of the structural layout and urban appearance of the ancient city.

      The modern culture of the Lize Financial Business District perfectly blends with the historical culture of Zhongdu and the traditional Chinese opera. In the future, a charming district that combines historical culture, traditional culture and modern culture will be created.

Functional Positioning

The Beijing Urban Master Plan2016—2035clearly indicates that Beijing Lize Financial Business District will function as a cluster of emerging financial industries and a pilot area for capital financial reform. The district will focus on the development of emerging business patterns, such as Internet finance, digital finance, financial information, financial intermediary, and financial culture. An industrial system, which focuses on emerging finance as a mainstay and high-tech and professional service organizations as a supplement, will be established. It will absorb the spillover from the financial industry of the Financial Street, which is a functional zone for the financial industry in Beijing, and develop into a cluster of emerging financial industries. It will also push forward the differentiated, coordinated and integrated development in cooperation with the Financial Street.

Lize is a National Smart City Pilot, Beijing Information Infrastructure Improvement Comprehensive Demonstration Zone”, “Beijing Green Ecological Demonstration Zone”, “Beijing Service Trade Demonstration Base and a Comprehensive Pilot Demonstration Park of Beijing Service Industry Extension and Opening.

Spatial Planning

In order to implement the Beijing Urban Master Plan (2016-2035), in accordance with the spirit of the municipal party committee’s and the municipal government’s instructions, and based on the  planning for optimization and improvement, the Lize Financial Business District formulates the plan for comprehensive planning and implementation, and make efforts to create a vibrant, people-oriented, green, and compact city. According to the overall spatial structure of “One Center, Three Belts, and Multiple Points”, key facilities such as Lize City Terminal and Lize Modern Culture & Art Center will be built, and the functional facilities for residence, education, medical care, business, leisure, and culture will be also improved. Further efforts will be made to create a 24-hour living circle with complex functions and build a new financial development zone with global influence.

Development Strategy

During the construction of the comprehensive demonstration zone for expanding and opening up the national service industry, Lize Financial Business District has been included in the city’s new round of comprehensive pilot projects for the expansion and opening of the service industry. Lize Financial Business District further confirms its positioning as a key demonstration zone for technological innovation. Focusing on the Digital Currency Institute the People's Bank of China, it will be devoted to building a digital currency technology and application ecosystem, constructing a digital financial technology demonstration park, and engaging in key areas such as digital assets, digital currency, and digital supervision. It will also take advantage of policy and service resources, improve supporting facilities, and gather digital financial resources in a targeted manner so as to form a pilot zone for the development of digital financial clusters in the city.

Unique Location

Lize Financial Business District is 7 kilometers from Tiananmen Square, 6 kilometers from Financial Street and 12 kilometers from CBD. It is located in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 1-hour traffic circle, 28 kilometers away from Beijing sub-center and 102 kilometers away from Xiong’an New District.


Green Ecological Demonstration

The planned green area of the Lize Financial Business District totals about 2,800 mu, including three green belts, namely a central park of 81 mu in the core area, the Third Ring Road and Fengcao River Healthy Life Belt, the Cultural Relic Belt of Zhongdu of the Jin Dynasty, and the Lianhua River Waterfront Vitality Belt; the internal ecological walking trail is about 34 kilometers long. From any office building in Lize, more than 1 hectare of green space is in reach of within 300 meters, and the ecological walking trail can be reached within 5 minutes; surrounded by ecological water system landscapes, the Lianhua River and the Fengcao River stretch in the district to provide space for urban waterfront vitality and leisure activities; new projects in Lize are all green buildings, and some projects have already passed the international green building certification LEED.

Accessible Traffic

Lize Financial Business District offers easy access to five subway lines, three high-speed rail stations, and one city terminal. Metro Line 11, Line 14, Line 16, Daxing International Airport Express, Lize-Financial Street Line, which are being planned or under construction in the district, have formed a five-line transportation hub; Lize is close to Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Fengtai Railway Station, and thus is accessible to the three major transportation hubs in 10 minutes; the Lize City Terminal, which is under planning and construction, will strengthen the functional positioning of Lize as an international exchange center in Beijing. After the terminal is completed, it will handle flight procedures, offer luggage services, have access to Beijing Daxing International Airport in 20 minutes through rail transit; the underground transportation corridor is 4.3 kilometers in length, which is connected to the underground parking space of Lize, will greatly improve the efficiency of transportation.

5G Empowerment

Lize is selected in the first batch of National Smart City Pilot”. Lize SOHO, which has been completed, is known as one of the first batch of commercial buildings with 5G deployment in China, and the first 5G display laboratory has been established and open to the public. At present, the Layout Scheme of 5G Outdoor Base Station of the business district has been put into operation. All the existing outdoor communication base stations have been upgraded into 5G, and new 5G base stations are being deployed in a unified manner. Lize will take advantage of the unified 5G construction layout and resource co-building and sharing to develop into an information business district with continuous 5G wide-area coverage, efficient use of space, and harmonious and beautiful landscapes. Moreover, the 5G network will also empower new energy infrastructure, help to build the business district into an energy Internet platform, provide “digital, networked, and professional” energy management, and realize smart and lean park governance.


Sufficient Industrial Space

The southern part of the Lize Financial Business District has provided land for 19 projects. As of the end of 2020, 11 projects including the National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing Capital Land Lize Financial Center, and Lize SOHO have released 1.52 million square meters of industrial space. Financial companies account for about 65% of the companies that have settled in Lize. With the accelerated clustering of financial enterprises, numerous high-tech and strong financial companies, such as China Broadcasting Network Corporation Ltd., China Agriculture Reinsurance Corporation, Huawei China Headquarters, China Securities Finance Corporation Limited, Banking Credit Assets Registration and Circulation Center Co., Ltd., China United Insurance Group Company Limited, and China Financing Guarantee Association have settled in Lize, empowering the development of financial enterprises in the district.


Strong Service Guarantee

Emerging financial companies that have settled in the Lize Financial Business District can enjoy various preferential policies such as financial rewards, talent introduction, housing security, children’s education, and medical services. Moreover, it is scheduled to build a number of high-end international medical institutions, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, international schools and other types of schools at various stages; 9 high-end hotels and 2 shopping complexes are built; cultural facilities are also available, contributing to a livable and business-friendly city center full of vitality.

Beijing Lize financial business district management committee

Address: 20th Floor, Jin Shang Union Tower, No. 8, Jinze West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing